Old Academy B&B in Walterboro, SC
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Old Academy B&B in Walterboro, SC

Old Academy B&B in Walterboro, SC

Walterboro Academy, the forerunner of the present city school system, was located on the lot where the Hampton Street Elementary School stands today.

Prior to the War between the States, a number of private schools existed.  Those able to afford it sent their children away to be educated, or had tutors or governesses staying in their homes.

Old Academy B&B in Walterboro, SCA group of interested men, realizing that many wished an education who could not afford the expense, organized the Academy and incorporated it on December 17, 1834.  The trustees were: Malachi Ford, John C. Godfrey, Thomas Riggs, James McCants, John D. Edward, David Campbell, and Archibald Campbell.

They chose the Reverend John  B. Van Dyke as preceptor.  He was a Presbyterian minister, a graduate of Princeton, and quite willing to combine the two professions.  He opened the school to boys and girls.

The name of the Academy has been changed several times since that day.  The building is still standing.  It was moved to the lot across the street from the present Walterboro High School, when a new grammar school was to be built on the original site.  For a time, the old Academy building served as a "Teacherage" and later for extra classrooms.

Taken from Backward Glances Vol.2 Colleton County
Copyright 1978, Colleton Artists Guild

Old Academy B&B in Walterboro, SCNewspaper advertisements, in the year 1875, announce that a full course of study is offered under the principal, Frederick A. Howlett, including reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, general history, geography, astronomy,  algebra, mathematics, Latin, Greek, French, German, and Italian languages. Besides this, phonetic short hand, drawing, designing and such objects of physical science and general knowledge as may be desired.


For the primary branches the fee is $5 a quarter.  Paid in advance.

Although the early Academy seemed to cater to the boys, the girls were not neglected.  Private schools for girls existed as early as 1840. Special instructions were given at these private schools to prepare the pupils for entrance to the Academy which gradually enlarged to include boys and girls.

Taken from: The News and Courier, Charleston SC
Sunday, June 1, 1952

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Old Academy B&B
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